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I've helped businesses with all sorts of other things too, from job adverts and marketing materials to sales letters and straplines.

I love a challenge

Sometimes, a client has approached me with a challenge.  Maybe they've been trying to​ recruit, but just aren't getting the right applicants.  Maybe they've been trying to convince a new supplier to come on board for 2 years, but haven't had success.

I have helped businesses to overcome these very challenges, over the past year.  And it's often been more straightforward than you might think.  This is how I helped:

  • Job adverts: I have successfully managed to help recruit Managers, Engineers and Head Teachers to roles that were previously difficult to fill. How? Often, it's about selling your business to the right candidate, rather than assuming they should sell themselves to you. 

  • Sales letters:  Writing with honesty, integrity and a little hint of something intriguing, I have reached out to previously untouchable suppliers with a proposition they couldn't refuse.  

  • Marketing materials: Yes, I always focus on how your product addresses your customer's 'pain points' (the 'benefits').  But, even in challenging industries, it's still possible to exude warmth, personality and professionalism, at the same time.  It's always worth remembering that businesses connect on a personal level, as well as a professional one.  

Struggling with something? 

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