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Ali Wilkinson freelance copywriter, web content writer, Middlesbroug

Imagine if someone could write about your business for you? Wonderful nuggets of content that save you time and make your customers smile.

As a freelance copywriter, I've written refreshingly different web content, marketing materials and blogs for all sorts of businesses - from precision heavy engineers and legal firms to dentists and celebrity portrait photographers.  

So, what's my approach?  

To me, it's not just about writing - it's about understanding. Understanding your business and what makes it different.  Getting a feel for your ideal customer, appreciating what they need and showing how your business can help.  Ultimately, it's about writing content that makes them nod, smile and feel engaged, like it's been written specifically for them.

I'm easy to work with


You'll find I can glean everything I need from an informal chat. I can pick out how you differ to your competitors, what's most likely to excite your customers, and the tone of voice I should adopt when I write. Some call it a sixth sense - I'd say it's my background in market research. 


I'm 100% jargon-free


I make things easy for your customers to understand.  I use language they are comfortable with and ideas that appeal. Industry speak might sound impressive, but it alienates and confuses - and I think jargon has become my pet peeve ever since I worked in local government.



I'm brimming with ideas


I listen for the smallest detail that could spark an idea.  I ask questions that you've never considered and identify that previously undiscovered niche. It's a refreshing journey that ends with something unique - something that sets you apart.


need refreshingly different content for your business?

  1. Maybe you just don't have time to write sparkling website content, blogs or marketing materials

  2. Perhaps you do have time, but you're not sure what to write - or how to write it.  

  3. Or maybe you've written all sorts of things, but it's all a bit wordy, generic and techy.

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