I write newsletter


thinking of writing 500 words about your Chief Exec shaking hands with someone from the other office?  I think we can do better than that.

What would your customer like to read?

Obvious question really, but often overlooked.

And if you're struggling with the idea of outsourcing, you'll find it has numerous benefits.  


Here's how I can help:


  • You'll find I look at your whole business differently - a totally new approach that conveys all of your best bits in a way that your readers will love.


  • I can save you time by researching and writing everything for you, and if you're anything like most of my clients, you'd much rather be doing something else instead.


  • I know how to reflect your brand's personality.  I also write with a jargon-free, approachable voice. This helps to build a stronger relationship with your reader and share your news with clarity.


  • I am brimming with ideas.  Not sure what to cover this month? I am great at finding fresh, newsworthy angles - from clever ways of showcasing new products and customer feedback to positioning you as industry experts.  I can even help you transform negative press into usable gold.


Need someone to write your newsletter for you?