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Ahh, I know that face.  You've got that blog to write.  Not even started it? They come around again quickly, don't they?

prices from £200 per blog

i write blogs

It's more than just a blog

You're not the sort of business that wants to just churn out generic blogs each month. You want your blog to be read - even poured over. You want it to make your clients think and see your business in a new light. And you want it right up there - at the top of Google's ranking (or close enough).
And that's exactly my approach too.

  • I spend time doing my research - SEO keyword research and competitor research.  I also take the time to completely understand the intricate nature of your business.  It gives me a unique level of insight and helps me to find a new angle that will resonate with your customers and clients.

  • I put myself in your customer's shoes so that I can think like them - that's why your blog will connect with them and inspire them. 


  • Because I've worked in every sector, I am versatile, experienced and able to push the boundaries. It's why I like to challenge industry stereotypes to write you something refreshingly different.


  • I understand the importance of SEO, but I don't lose sight of the fact your blog is read by humans. The result? One of my blog posts is currently sitting at the top of Google's rankings, people are actually reading it and my client is over the moon.


  • I'll write you a blog that reflects the personality of your brand - the very best version of your business, conveying a perfectly crafted message.



Need some help writing your blog? After something refreshingly different?


I have written blogs and editorial pieces for all sorts of different businesses.  For examples of my work and style, please head to my portfolio.


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