Ahh, I know that face.  You've got that blog to write.  Not even started it? They come around again quickly, don't they?

i write blogs

Even if you do have a great idea for this month's blog, writing might not be your cup of tea.

As a blog writer, here's how I can help you:

  • I can research and write your blog for you - leaving you more time to do the things you prefer.

  • I write for your reader, so always adopt a jargon-free approach.

  • I put myself in your customer's shoes - your blog will connect with them and inspire them. 

  • It's easier for me to be objective and pick out your best bits - that's because I'm on the outside, looking in.


  • My content will always be fresh - after all, your business is new to me, so I'm coming with new ideas.


  • I understand the importance of Search Engine Optimisation but don't lose sight of the fact your blog is read by humans.


  • I'll write you a blog that reflects the personality of your brand - like your voice, saying my words.



Need some help writing your blog? 


I have written blogs and editorial pieces for all sorts of different businesses . For examples of my work and style, please head to my portfolio.



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