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I can proofread & edit your words

poorly written copy can cloud your message and damage your brand's integrity. 

proofreading from 2p per word, and per project for editing

I can add sparkle, strengthen your message and spot the bloopers so you don't lose face.

  1. Written something yourself, but feel like it lacks oomph?

  2. Totally confused about apostrophes, commas and grammar?

  3. Got your ideas down, but it's all a bit wordy and muddled?


As a qualified proofreader and copy editor, I can help with all of the above.  


In the past couple of years, I have proofread dissertations and novels, edited marketing materials, enormous reports, blog posts, white papers and presentations - and an entire district council website.


Right now? I'm a regular editor for an award-winning client in the travel and tourism sector, and also for one of the UK's leading training providers.

  • My copy 'editing' service will improve the clarity, tone and flow of your words


  • My proofreading service will pick up any blips with spelling, grammar and punctuation - it's best to spot them before they go to print.

Need a proofreader or copy editor? 

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