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i write web content

To me, it's not just a case of writing about your business. It's about understanding what makes your business different and identifying your brand personality.  


But it's also about understanding who your customers are, how they feel and what they need. 

from £220 per page - for fresh, sparkling content

As a web content writer, I write fresh, new content for websites...and humans

Looking for refreshingly different web content?  This is what you can expect from me:

  • Some great questions - I like to completely understand your business, its personality and its feel. It's about depth of meaningful insight. I also research your competitors, your customers and what makes them tick. I do this in lots of different ways, and see it as an essential stage.


  • A eureka moment - That moment when I discover you have a whole, new niche that you weren't aware of. It's because I think like your customer. I make a point of researching and understanding their pain points, their worries, how they feel and what they need. Clearly conveying how your business solves their problems can help to position you as their no.1 choice. 


  • A refreshingly different perspective - One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing. New ideas inject freshness into your web content, keeping your business current, interesting and unique.

  • Keyword research - I research the best SEO keywords to subtly weave into each of your web pages - it keeps your web content relevant, ahead of the game and higher up Google's page rankings.


  • Clarity - My approach is 'jargon-free'. It's the best way to engage with your customers and clients, and build a relationship with them. You'll also find it's how I communicate with you.


  • My words with your voice - I understand that you want your website to sound like you, not a stranger writing on your behalf. That's why I write my words, in your voice, reflecting your brand personality.


Need refreshingly different web content for your business?  


I specialise in writing web content for heavy industry and other meaty businesses.  But I have written web copy across most sectors.  Examples of my work and style can be found on my portfolio page.

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