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marketing brochures 

Showcasing your business isn't just about beautiful design, or cleverly conveying the benefits of your product or service.  It's about so much more.

marketing brochure content that exudes credibility, warmth and personality

Your brochure has a pretty tough job on its hands.  


Let's imagine it's a cupcake.  The icing looks delicious - beautifully decorated, soft and with a divine smell.  You can't wait to sink your teeth in and taste comforting vanilla, or maybe red velvet, zingy lemon or chocolate. But then you take a bite.


It's totally lacking in taste. And, it's dry. You put it down - what an underwhelming experience.


As well as looking great, with beautiful design and branding, your brochure needs to deliver on the inside.  


Admittedly, some industries are conventionally seen as a little dry.  But with carefully considered content, your marketing brochure can position your business in a refreshingly different light. When I write marketing brochure content, I promise the following: 


  • words that clearly convey exactly how your product or service benefits your dream customer

  • your niche will shine through

  • your reader will understand your brand's personality

  • your brochure content will clearly set you apart from your competitors

  • a refreshingly different tone that conveys your expertise, experience and credibility 


Need to update your marketing materials for your next trade show?

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