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Why it's hard to sell financial services, and how to make it easier

Here's the problem.

I know people - normal people - who hide all letters about finance in a pile because they are too scared to open them.


Even thinking about finance makes them feel anxious. They believe that anything to do with numbers is scary. Or confusing. It leaves them feeling disconnected and alientated from their financial affairs.

selling financial services

Others switch off at the mere mention of 'finance' because they don't understand the baffling terminology - tax deduction versus exemption, unit trusts versus investment trusts, Rayner trusts (okay, I made that one up).

But the fact is, according to research by Tandem Bank, more than three quarters of people don't understand common banking terms.

So what does this mean?

The less engaged people are with their finances, the less likely they are to seek advice, buy financial products or access financial services.

Instead, they hide away behind an ever-increasing pile of scary-looking paperwork, none the wiser about the enormous range of surprisingly helpful products on offer - worrying about everything from mortgages and pensions to savings and tax.

Effectively, their financial affairs are mentally shelved.

But imagine if more people felt engaged and, dare I say it, even a little excited about their money?

The right words can inspire. They can inform, change opinions and sell. They can even amuse.

Imagine if your website, social media and marketing materials were all written with this in mind. Eye-opening, accessible and snackable language that was easy to digest. All written in a way that your ideal customer could understand and relate to.

  • Suddenly, your products and services would be more appealling.

  • Yes, you would stand out from the rest.

  • Yes, it would generate real interest in your financial services.

  • And yes, you'll develop and nurture a real relationship with your customers.

Sometimes we forget that our customers and clients are real people with fears, hang-ups and worries. Make things a little easier for them by removing barriers and showing them that you understand - it just might make selling your products a whole lot easier.

I specialise in writing engaging copy, in plain English - perfect for businesses that are conventionally a little harder to understand.

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